Axil Integrated Services

Axil Integrated Services is a total waste management company offering nation-wide expert services. As a rapidly growing business, Axil needed to fast-track their digital goals and required a solution that would modernise their core business services and transform how they engage with their customers.

Helping organisations to operate and re-engineer how they manage waste and recycling, Axil partners with some of the UKs largest manufacturers, including Whirlpool, BMW Group and Birds Eye, to drive out costs and improve environmental performance with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

A core part of Axil’s service is working with their customers to implement cost reductions through efficient waste management processes. Axil recognised that they needed to improve how they provided access to the right data and knowledge required to ensure compliance and enhance operations. To deliver this Axil needed a modern, customer facing portal that would enhance engagement and also deliver integration and data provisioning capabilities.


Data integration with Microsoft Dynamics ENWIS, and the automated new document store, has reduced administration hours by at least 30% per week.

67 days

Phase one of the portal was built in 67 days, providing the business with a new solution that is user-friendly and industry leading.


Axil’s Contract Managers are now more engaged and a rapid 20% increase in customer engagement was reported within just a few weeks of go-live.

From the initial scope of the work, through to development and implementation, AuraQ has worked with us in partnership and delivered a fantastic portal. AuraQ’s approach, openness and co-operation throughout our project has been second to none.

Amanda Burrows, Service Information Manager, Axil Integrated Services

To modernise, the business wanted more than a modern replica of their existing portal, the team sought improvements and added value. Off-the-shelf solutions lacked functionality and failed to rapidly prove key requirements such as integrations, API’s and data provisioning. It quickly became evident that Axil’s best option would be a custom-built application and Axil engaged with AuraQ to deliver a bespoke portal using low-code. The introduction of low-code technology was new to the business, so the project started with a proof of concept (PoC) to showcase what was possible – the business case was quickly proven. Blown away by how quickly their digital requirements could be built with an experienced team of developers, Axil chose to invest in the Mendix low-code platform and phase one began.

Built in 67 days, the new portal now provides a central place for Axil’s customers to manage and improve their environmental performance with the ability to filter sites or services by geographical location, view schedules in calendar format and cancel or book collections for multiple waste streams. Axil’s service delivery team is automatically notified by email of new or amended services and, following a complex piece of integration work, daily updates are now in place so that bookings are shown in the Microsoft Dynamics ENWIS system. Reporting on environmental impact data such as carbon, material spend and tonnage by month helps set Axil apart from its competitors and the speed in which the portal was delivered has allowed Axil to rapidly recognise business benefits. The data integration alone has reduced administration hours by at least 30% per week and in the two months following go-live, there was a 20% increase in customer engagement. Axil now has a portal to match their customer-centric vision and a solution that supports their growth ambitions. With plans to expand the use of Mendix across the enterprise, Axil sets the bar within their field by innovating with low-code technology.

Axil Integrated Services
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