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Part of the global SUEZ group, SUEZ’s Industrial and Commercial division provides waste collection services to 30,000 businesses across the UK. The division was looking to digitise end to-end service delivery, from pricing through quotations to e-commerce and electronic contracts.

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK is part of the global SUEZ group and in the UK employs over 5,000 people. Established in 1988, SUEZ provides recycling, waste and water services to residents, local authorities and businesses.

The company delivers innovative and environmentally responsible solutions for total recycling and waste management services, ensuring compliance with the latest legislations. The division was looking for a smarter way to manage pricing for complex waste collection services.

AuraQ consultants are professional, knowledgeable and have been flexible with our company’s needs. I would have no problem recommending them to others.

Lana Scholefield - Sales Digitalisation Product Owner SUEZ recycling and recovery UK LTD

The pricing model SUEZ uses is sophisticated and dependent on many variables, including a granular geographical dimension. The legacy approach to pricing was time and labour intensive and involved spreadsheets, excessive manual work and was heavily dependent on expert staff knowledge. The I&C division looked to implement a Sales Improvement Programme to digitise the end to-end service delivery, from pricing through quotations,to e-commerce and electronic contracts. SUEZ engaged with AuraQ to implement the ’price engine’ solution, which is a foundation for the programme. Implemented using Mendix, price engine manages the core areas of the pricing strategy including system administration, master data management, route management, price review, price simulation and reporting. Through the application, SUEZ now has the functionality to establish pricing policy at the most granular geographical level and regional managers can now visualise and draw pricing policies of their regions on smart maps, clicking and selecting post code sectors, district and areas at will. Enhancing this accurate pricing logic is integration with SUEZ’s back-end systems, via Mulesoft, so that pricing now considers all cost information such as depreciation periods and rental costs.

The price engine application has been received exceptionally well by the business and has been rolled out across the UK to all regional managers and sales teams. The teams can now offer customers a price in real-time and also provide customers, in just a few clicks, simulation of different combinations of services, in order to save them costs whilst cross-selling the services SUEZ provides. The benefits have been recognised across multiple departments with finance, operations and sales teams also using the platform. The price engine application was delivered in just 12 weeks and SUEZ recognises that this was achieved by working with an experienced implementation partner.

SUEZ Price Engine
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