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Springer Healthcare specialise in developing bespoke solutions to deliver medical content and communications. The business needed to provide healthcare professionals with speedy access to the latest medical research, articles and information via desktop, tablet and mobile.

Meeting specific needs of clients across the world, Springer Healthcare is a global leader in healthcare education and delivers high-quality, powerful and objective content to healthcare professionals. They offer one of the industry’s largest global footprints and deliver strategic medical communications solutions, high-level clinical and scientific content, specialised training programs, and targeted medical education through their suite of innovative solutions.

With a sales and operations team of 200+ working remotely via 20 offices worldwide, the business needed to provision staff with unified access to client information, quotes and to a content database of saleable article reprints and books to enhance services for both internal and external customers.


A team of 200+ remote-working sales and operations staff are supported via desktop, tablet and mobile devices


SMART application was delivered in just 12 weeks vs. estimated 12 months using traditional development methods


The award-winning SMART app supports 20+ offices worldwide offering access via desktop, tablet and mobile devices

AuraQ bring multi-device development experience and exceptional insight as to what can be achieved with Mendix. AuraQ has helped us deliver superb applications and earn high levels of user approval.

Joanne Smith, PhD, Operations Director, Springer Healthcare

To support sales mobility, access needed to be offered via desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Springer Healthcare already offered staff a desktop-only information service, however, today’s management recognised that a modern, multi-channel digital application would be more supportive of real-time, on-site customer dialogues and a drive to increase sales. Using traditional methods, the business estimated a development time of 12 months just to code for the minimum requirement of replacing the existing system.

Springer Healthcare were impressed with the agile and iterative way applications could be built in Mendix. To help successfully deliver the project, Springer Healthcare engaged with AuraQ and the application, now known as ‘SMART’ was delivered in just 12 weeks. Working with an experienced team was invaluable to the project, the strength of the partner network and being able to rapidly get to work with a skilled project team was a huge plus point; delivering the application some four times faster than had been estimated for traditional approaches. In addition to speed, the Mendix platform helped Springer Healthcare ensure high adoption since the platform’s visual models allowed developers to collaborate with sales, marketing and other relevant business units throughout the requirements specification and development process. ‘SMART’ has been integrated with SAP CRM and also with the company’s project management system. The application today serves some 70-100 users per week, via their mobile devices. For ‘SMART,’ Springer Healthcare won the Gold Award (operations category) in the UK App Design Awards.

Springer Healthcare
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