Business Process Automation

Every organisation suffers from manual processes, time-intensive tasks and copious amounts of spreadsheets. There is a better way of doing things and we work with organisations to transform fragmented tasks into efficient automated processes.

Companies of every size can benefit from clearly defined processes. Process automation is tried and tested; automating repeatable, multi-step business transactions and day-to-day tasks is proven to provide many business benefits. For more than two decades, we have been creating user-friendly, tailor-made applications that automate business processes to achieve the most effective and efficient ways of working.

Streamlining and automating business processes is what we do, day in, day out – it’s at the heart of every project AuraQ delivers.  The workflow tools and technologies have evolved over time but the objective remains the same, to deliver efficient processes with the use of software.  Using best-in-class technology, we can help you deliver automated business processes that allow you to achieve digital transformation, streamline operations, improve quality, enhance the customer experience and reduce costs.

End-to-End Journey

From selection and proof of concept through to development and implementation, we support the entire automation journey.

Solution Design & Development

Technology choices are vast; we enable organisations to evolve using the right mix of technologies.

20+ Years' Experience

We help clients achieve the most efficient way of working using a range of tools either independently or in harmony.

Software can be used to automate complex workflows and simplify operations and also used to help businesses model, optimise, and orchestrate their processes. Generally speaking, for organisations looking to automate there are a number of good candidates for automation; often this will include tasks that are high volume, repetitive, involve multiple people, need compliance and require audit trails.

We engage with organisations to improve process efficiency, reduce cost, lessen paperwork and deliver solutions that provide connectivity across multiple technology systems. This can include using a range of tools depending on what is the right fit for your organisation; for example, low-code tools may be used to experiment or innovate whereas tools such as RPA may be used to automate repetitive tasks or data entry. Whatever the automation need, we partner with you to achieve operational excellence.

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