Strategic Solutions

The solutions we develop are bespoke, collaborative and deliver real commercial advantage. Using advanced digital technology, we help companies accelerate innovation and develop solutions that will differentiate you in your market.

AuraQ specialise in the design and implementation of solutions that bring your digital strategy to life. Our solutions can serve a range of needs; from the provision of a new digital business model and applications aspiring to deliver improved customer engagement through to solutions that facilitate operational efficiencies or that augment legacy systems to offer extensibility.

Whatever the solution or reason for change, development should take place at the speed of the business and we help you stay ahead with system development that is tailored to your exact requirements. Developing strategic solutions allows organisations to innovate, improve and out-compete the competition while streamlining and transforming your business to deliver real commercial advantage.

Agile Solutions

Proving value early on is important, we can help build a business case for improvement and verify ideas to with proof of concepts to quickly show success.

Rapid Delivery

Choosing the right platform is important, we can help you select, implement and support new software to enable transformation.

Bespoke Design

Bringing together domain experts, we enable business-led citizen development partnered with IT governance.

Partnering with selected vendors, we build strategic solutions using best-in-class technology, and on platforms that are agile, encourage productivity, and deliver faster time to market. Our solutions are business-led because experimentation and innovation by the people that know the business domain is key to success.

We use digital technology, such as low-code platforms like Mendix, to develop solutions in a sustainable way. These platforms can also be used to introduce automation into businesses that have no existing means in which to digitalise processes and used to design bespoke solutions that allow businesses the benefit of an entirely tailored solution that is 100% reflective of their business processes over an off-the-shelf system that doesn’t fit. Strategic solutions can also be designed to create modern interfaces for legacy systems by providing a wrapper around systems that either can’t or don’t need to be replaced but that may lack a modern user experience as well as enabling organisations to fill the gaps between existing systems.

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