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Implementing disruptive technologies lies at the heart of 2 Sisters Food Group’s (2SFG) strategy. Driven by rapid growth and acquisition, 2SFG identified the need to find efficiencies across the business by automating non-value repetitive tasks.

2 Sisters Food Group (2SFG) is a world leader in the poultry, chilled and frozen food categories. With an annual turnover of over £3bn and 23,000 employees worldwide 2SFG counts some of the UK’s largest supermarkets – such as Marks and Spencer, Tesco and Aldi – amongst its valued customers.

Driven by rapid growth, 2SFG needed to find efficiencies across the business by automating non-value repetitive tasks. The Shared Services department, which handles 80% of the transactional processing for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable from across 42 sites, was chosen as the starting point for the company’s digital transformation journey and tasked with shifting away from traditional, transactional processing towards a touchless, analytical method.


Touchless invoice rate of 90%. A highly manual, labour intensive process is now almost entirely touchless, end-to-end.


Reduction in re-work allowed 2SFG to reduce FTE by 33% and re-task their workforce across other business areas.


Within 6 weeks, 2SFG realised a significant improvement in data quality and 97% of all invoice processing is now automated.

Building our robotic workforce and investing in our digital future is a huge business opportunity for 2SFG. Working with an experienced transformation partner (AuraQ) has led us to rapidly realising our vision.

Chris Peck - Head of Shared Services, 2 Sisters Food Group

2SFG had already invested in robotic process automation (RPA) technology, however, over 1100 AP supplier invoices, 200 AR customer debit notes and 50 AR customer remittances enter the business daily and the need to consolidate, clean and standardise this unstructured data before providing it to the robots was essential and a critical success factor. 2SFG took the step to automate 100% of the end-to-end journey for unstructured data, content and information entering the business. To ensure this innovative leap forward was a success, 2SFG  chose TrajeQt – an AuraQ pre-robotics solution built on the Mendix low-code development platform – to provide automation.

TrajeQt provides a truly digital and automated way of transforming any form of data using clearly defined business rules. TrajeQt consumes content received via multiple channels – for example, post, email and invoice attachments – and fully automates the classification, validation and standardisation of content for easy processing without the need for manual checks. Importantly, the ease of using a solution built on the low-code Mendix platform meant 2SFG had the ability to implement, reconfigure and trial the new solution at pace, proving business value incredibly quickly. With AuraQ and Mendix, 2SFG saw a very quick ROI on its first digital project with phase one of the project delivered in just 3 weeks. A highly manual, labour intensive process is now 90% touchless, end-to-end and not only has 2SFG made an FTE reduction of 33% it also improved the quality of its data to 98% within 6 weeks of implementation. Improving data accuracy and removing the need for manual verification, 2SFG’s touchless invoice rate leapt from 30% at go-live to 90% within three months. 2SFG also realised the potential for TrajeQt to benefit the business beyond its immediate intention. Able to also glean information and data coming into the business for procurement analysis the benefits were much wider than initially anticipated. Upper management have clear visibility of throughput and success whilst also being able to access real-time reports at the click of a button. A successful first step on the road to true digital transformation, the team at 2SFG involved in the roll-out formed the company’s first digital projects team.

2 Sisters Food Group
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