Withers Worldwide

Withers Worldwide

Enhancing and streamlining business critical processes to improve efficiency, increase compliance and mitigate risk with OpenText BPM.

Withers Worldwide is an international law firm headquartered in London, with offices worldwide. Providing OpenText BPM development, support and migration services for the law firm, AuraQ has delivered numerous enhancements to optimise performance for both new and existing processes.

As a growing company automating key business processes, and in particular, the Client Matter Inception (CMI) process (a core activity for all law firms) was vital. During the past eight years, we have engaged with our client to improve the manner in which they incept new business and provided automation and efficiencies to help enforce compliance with the Legal Services Act, mitigate money laundering risks and avoid conflicts of interest. We also continue to provide support for their existing OpenText implementation.

AuraQ have been instrumental in providing skills and development resource for our business critical BPM processes and excel in providing ongoing support, design and development. Through the improvement of our core processes, we have been able to drive efficiency across the business.IT and Operations Director

  • Efficient and effective CMI process
  • Enforced compliance with the Legal Services Act
  • Accountability and auditability across processes
  • Automatic document routing and archiving
  • Integration to key business systems
  • Real-time process visibility