Transport for London

TfL manage a large and complex network of organisations and people. Effective communication was extremely difficult and TfL required a solution that would automate processes and improve information flow.

Transport for London (TfL) is the largest transport services company in Europe. It is responsible for transportation related projects such as the installation of traffic lights, junctions and pedestrian crossings in 33 boroughs across London.

The installation of traffic management was managed through a manual, paper based system that provided limited visibility, an inability to access information quickly and sub-optimal allocation of resources.

Managing 360 miles of the UK capital’s busiest roads is a complex operation. In addition, being responsible for a number of other vital assets such as London’s 6,000 traffic lights, its tunnels and some of its bridges leads to a complex network of organisations and people to coordinate. TfL required a solution that would automate the business processes and improve efficiency, asset utilisation, service delivery and communication.

AuraQ delivered a solution called “SchemeWorks”, a process and software solution built on Business Process Management technology. SchemeWorks manages all work through an online, web-based dashboard that allows employees to manage projects, action work items, and report on the status of any scheme. SchemeWorks delivered rapid improvements in efficiency and productivity and the solution also provides integration with internal software applications such as SAP Financials, Cyclops and Primavera for project management and resource utilisation.

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