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As a growing company, Withers LLP were looking to automate and streamline the Client Matter Inception (CMI) process, a business critical and core process for all law firms. Using BPM technology, they were tasked to improve efficiency, increase compliance and mitigate risk with a bespoke solution.

Withers LLP is an international law firm headquartered in London, with offices in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Withers has been acting for successful individuals, families and institutions for over a 100 years.

Withers’ existing Client Matter Inception (CMI) process was manual and time consuming. CMI is the first fundamental step all legal firms perform when engaging on a new matter and in order to ensure regulations were met, the core process needed to be improved and automated.

AuraQ help us achieve our vision by ensuring the business works as efficiently as possible. By automating our CMI process, it has given us the opportunity to dramatically speed up inception and gives unrivalled insight and visibility into our core business process activities.

Peter Gibbons, IT & Operations Director Withers Worldwide

The CMI process is vital to ensure compliance with the Legal Services Act, mitigate money laundering risks and avoid conflicts of interest. Manual and labour-intensive, the existing process was open to human error which resulted in risk management challenges. The firm recognised that in order to ensure compliance regulations were met, automation was required. Having already chosen a BPM platform to enable automation, Withers looked to the market for an implementation partner and engaged with AuraQ to develop their bespoke CMI solution alongside Withers’ in-house technical team.

Starting with a client search, the new automated CMI solution ensures that the procedure for a new client matter is followed correctly and includes a conflict search, client setup and matter setup stage before the matter is sent for final authorisation and creation. Relevant personnel are informed of the creation of the matter by an email containing a summary of the matter details once the process has been completed. With a full audit trial visible at any stage, each new matter or client is fully traceable at any point in the process. A complex system of roles and attributes linked to Active Directory ensures that folders are routed to the correct personnel. The solution also provides integration with Withers’ existing case management system, Thomson Elite, as well as integration to other legacy systems including updates to Withers’ marketing software, Interaction. The bespoke solution has given Withers the capability and functionality to ensure procedures are followed on a global scale with the new process being deployed to 300+ users across offices worldwide. In addition, AuraQ has provided development for new processes including archive matter and matter change as well as other internal processes including file destruction, folder retrieval and function room booking. Subsequently, AuraQ has provided migration expertise to transfer Withers existing processes to later versions of OpenText BPM and delivered support for the business critical solutions.

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