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Raising money at Shine for ShelterBox dinner

On March 9th,  AuraQ hosted our first Shine for ShelterBox dinner at our offices in Malvern. ShelterBox has been chosen as one of the charities we will support this year and we raised funds to support this with a Shine for ShelterBox dinner.

Why ShelterBox? ShelterBox provide emergency shelters, tools and other essentials so families can rebuild after disaster. ShelterBox work with people all over the world who’ve lost their homes to all kinds of disasters – floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, conflicts. They go where people are vulnerable, so you’ll often find them in challenging places that are overlooked by others. But wherever they are, ShelterBox know one thing is always true: hope grows when you have a place to call home.

The dinners support the Shine for ShelterBox solar lights campaign. The solar lights are one of the many aid items ShelterBox provide and are an essential item for families living in temporary shelters. Often when families flee their homes in search of safety it is to an overcrowded space with no electricity, the solar lights allow them to rebuild a sense of normality and offer a beacon of hope for families caught in disaster.

A solar light costs just £10, is 100% PVC free, made from environmentally friendly materials and can last for up to 3 years. Turning our office basement into a make shift shelter, we ate dinner by solar light with a target of raising £1000 to support 100 families across the world affected by disaster or conflict.

About ShelterBox

ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and other essential items to families who have lost their homes to disasters. With operational headquarters in Cornwall, the charity also has 15 affiliate organisations worldwide. The charity has been Rotary International’s project partner in disaster relief since 2012.

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