Digitising the Shared Service Centre- Infographic
Digitising the Shared Service Centre- Infographic

Our latest infographic is on how the role of Shared Service Centres (SSCs) are strategically changing; expanding their reach across the wider business spectrum and emerging technologies, such as robotic process automation (RPA), are making higher-value tasks and knowledge-based processes much more accessible.

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Robotic Process Automation – using Automation Anywhere

Here at AuraQ we are broadening our expertise in the BPM market by developing our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) skills, and we have partnered with an industry RPA leader – Automation Anywhere – to achieve these goals. By using our existing business consulting knowledge alongside the AA software, we aim to deliver to our clients… read more

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How to Look After Your Brand New Software Developer

So, you’ve just purchased a new software developer for a project that will help your team complete their tasks more efficiently. Now all you need to do is make sure that your software developer has all they need to deliver what is required. Software developers can come in a range of different shapes and sizes,… read more

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Effective use of Browser Extensions

What are chrome extensions? How many times have you logged into an email account just to check if you’ve got a new email? Or navigated all the way to your online to-do list only to spend two seconds adding an item before closing the tab and carrying on with what you are doing? You’ve probably… read more

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Understand and plan your Dropbox migration project

Why are we migrating our data into Dropbox? It’s really important to know the answer to this question and understand the implications of migrating. Most of the time the reason for moving to Dropbox is straightforward in that companies want to better organise, store and share their files as well as taking advantage of the… read more

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Optimising Mendix when handling large volumes of Data

Often during Mendix development, a developer will come across a query to the database which is badly optimised. This is usually caused by complex business requirements and time restrictions. Below will go into an example of a badly optimised query and how to tackle these moving forwards to ensure that the execution times are optimal…. read more

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