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Top 5 trends in intelligent automation

Laiye 19th Jul 2022

Businesses are racing to drive Return on Investment (ROI) as they bounce back post-pandemic and most are leading these efforts through effective digital transformation. This paves the way for a year of Intelligent Automation (IA), but what trends will we see?

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7 ways to achieve value from RPA

Paul Dale 1st May 2020

The Robotics Process Automation (RPA) market has seen an extreme growth rate.In 2018, the RPA software market grew by 63.1%, as published by Gartner, and has been rapidly growing ever since. Whilst this is great news for the industry, as RPA becomes more commonplace, it is important for every organisation embarking on an RPA journey […]

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UK’s largest poultry supplier automates with RPA and low-code

Holly Miller 11th Jun 2019

A company’s success is often determined by its efficiency and productivity, the tricky balancing of value-added and non-value added work. To reduce the latter, the shared services centre of the 2 Sisters Food Group (2SFG), the UK’s largest supplier of poultry, started out on a journey to automate their processes.

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Managing subcontractor relationships with emails like it’s 2005?

Arthur Goujon 14th Mar 2019

Rethinking the way data is exchanged with suppliers is not just a cost saving activity; it is transformative and enables businesses to redefine their position in the value chain.

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A robot employee

Paul Dale 31st Jan 2019

Imagine having an employee that never needed to eat, drink, sleep or even take breaks, an employee that is happy to do the most mundane and repetitive tasks and do them well, finally an employee that doesn’t want or need a salary!

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Three considerations before you automate

28th Nov 2017

When setting out with Robotic Process Automation, the first obvious step is to jump in and educate yourself about the current marketplace. This is a good thing to do, but also be aware that it can overlook three considerations that are much closer to home: Are there options with your existing technologies? What are your […]

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