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Kick-start your Mendix learning!

Hannelore Elsden 13th Mar 2023

As part of my Maths course at University, I studied some modules in which we used traditional programming. With some exposure to programming languages, I had an awareness of software development, but low-code application development wasn’t something I had heard of before joining AuraQ.

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Why low-code IS a matter for the board

Liz Emmens 7th Feb 2023

Before I speak to customers about their technology requirements, my first question is: “What are you trying to achieve as a company?” A quick look at their annual report and the evidence is clear to see – since corporate strategic objectives are set by the board and published to the markets. Almost without exception, these objectives will be aligned to growing revenue and reducing cost.

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Low-code journey of a graduate developer

Jamie Magee 24th Nov 2022

Fundamentally, what I enjoy is the process of developing software and the satisfaction of delivering high-quality products. When I was considering how this may map out my future career path, I knew that I wanted to work with technologies that would enable me to solve business problems, but also realised that I didn’t want to follow the traditional coding development route.

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Perfect storm for cyber attacks – the importance of secure development

Rina Forster 1st Sep 2020

Question: What do you get when you mix an age where cyber crime is at an all-time high with a period where millions of people are having to work remotely from home due to a worldwide pandemic?

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Software development: the importance of quality assurance testing

Rob Dixon 2nd Jun 2020

Whatever type of organisation is implementing computer software, ensuring that the application developed is of the highest quality is of paramount importance. Failure to employ at least the bare minimum of quality assurance (QA) best practise can cost a company its reputation, reduce revenue, delay the delivery of the application and other projects in the […]

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Debugging your perspective: I know what it does, I made it!

Oliver Partridge 21st May 2018

We’ve all been there. Sometimes when developing you will hit a problem that feels like it doesn’t make any sense. It should have been easy, it should be working, and you should be able to see the problem- but you can’t. You try increasingly complex solutions to more far-fetched potential problems, desperately clutching at straws trying to work out what is wrong.

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