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(Re)Insurance broker delivers marketing-leading portal with low-code

Holly Miller 14th Oct 2021

Universally, there has been a rapid increase in the speed in which insurers are implementing digital agendas. The pandemic has been a big contributor, boosting the take-up of new technologies. As many as 85% of insurance CEO’s say that COVID-19 has been a digital catalyst for their organisation. Changes that previously would have taken years are now being implemented in months and low-code has proven to be a big enabler for this.

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React Native: Exciting new features in Mendix Studio 8!

Tom Worthington 18th Feb 2020

Mendix is a low-code software development environment that allows users to rapidly produce applications for the business. Their latest major platform release (Mendix Studio 8) has introduced new and exciting native mobile features to cater for emerging business needs. This blog post will talk about some of the use cases that mobile applications can support […]

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Designing Mendix apps with inclusive accessibility

Tom Worthington 9th Sep 2019

Every modern website and application built has to be as inclusive and accessible for as many people as possible. This must be in any designers mind when developing a website or application.

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Mendix tutorial: making it rain

Arthur Goujon 6th Aug 2019

In this quick tutorial, our Head of Digital, Arthur Goujon, is showing how to use Mendix to build an animated login page with slow-motion rain. This is part of a larger demo we worked on for a fictitious insurance product called “STUFF”, which uses Mendix blockchain to let users turn on and off their insurance policies in a single click.

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Global utility company digitises end-to-end service delivery with rapid app development

Holly Miller 1st Aug 2019

With daily life becoming ever more digital, companies are finding the need to digitise their services not only quickly but at a reasonable price to keep up with consumer demand and expectations. Transforming the customer experience requires a level of speed and precision that traditional legacy approaches can't meet.

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