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AuraQ & Mendix Maker Meetup | 23rd May, London

AuraQ presented at the London Mendix Meetup in May – the in-person event that brings together developers who share a passion for technology and the Mendix platform. At this London meetup, we gave an overview of the Peregrine app, our winning app developed during the MXWorld hackathon event.

For the hackathon, teams were tasked with building an entirely new app in just 24 hours. The challenge was to build anything that fit the theme of innovation, however Mendix also suggested a use case of “solving challenges faced by refugees”. The AuraQ team found the suggested use case inspiring and came up with the concept of a mobile app to empower refugees by providing them with a secured digital identity and built the Peregrine app from scratch in just 24 hours.

Most of us take for granted the ability to prove our identity whenever needed, unlike many refugees and migrants. We developed the Peregrine app aiming to ease this problem by providing refugees with a secure digital space to store their personal information, give them full control of their data, and the ability to provide proof of identity and authentication through state of the art security. The app includes technical features such as face recognition, voice authentication and speech to text through integrations with VoiceIT, Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

The hackathon event was described as “the largest low-code hackathon in the world” with 32 teams and over 120 people competing. We were delighted to showcase the app at the Meetup with great feedback from the audience and fellow app makers. For more information on our Mendix services, see our technology pages or read about our Mendix projects on the Success Stories pages.

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