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Top 5 trends in intelligent automation

Laiye 19th Jul 2022

Businesses are racing to drive Return on Investment (ROI) as they bounce back post-pandemic and most are leading these efforts through effective digital transformation. This paves the way for a year of Intelligent Automation (IA), but what trends will we see?

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3 common challenges of implementing intelligent automation

Laiye 2nd Mar 2022

With children, growing pains aren’t a sign of weakness but a normal part of development. The same goes for businesses, especially when they’re preparing to embark on a rapid phase of digital transformation. Still, with the right tools, knowledge and support, the challenges of implementing new technology can easily be overcome – even when it’s something as game-changing as Intelligent Automation (IA).

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A robot employee

Paul Dale 31st Jan 2019

Imagine having an employee that never needed to eat, drink, sleep or even take breaks, an employee that is happy to do the most mundane and repetitive tasks and do them well, finally an employee that doesn’t want or need a salary!

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Three considerations before you automate

28th Nov 2017

When setting out with Robotic Process Automation, the first obvious step is to jump in and educate yourself about the current marketplace. This is a good thing to do, but also be aware that it can overlook three considerations that are much closer to home: Are there options with your existing technologies? What are your […]

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Voice activated business processes

Paul Smith 13th Jul 2017

Starting from the early 1950s where a system was created to understand digits when spoken by one person’s voice, to today’s technical wonders of Apple’s Siri, Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, voice recognition software has been around longer than we think. With that said, in a relatively short time it has evolved and expanded into […]

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