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AuraQ deliver services and expertise across a range of technologies. We work with our clients to understand their unique requirements and partner with leading technology providers to deliver first-class solutions.

  • Business Process Management

    Business Process Management (BPM) can transform an organisation. By automating your core business processes with BPM, you have the opportunity to become more agile, efficient and effective – differentiating you from your competitors and obtaining a competitive advantage.

    AuraQ provide end-to-end process solutions built on best practice but tailored to meet individual client requirements. Developed using world-class BPM software, our solutions can be deployed enterprise-wide to improve performance and increase agility across the business whilst also integrating with other enabling technologies such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

    Supporting the entire BPM lifecycle from business analysis, through development to on-going support and maintenance, our unrivalled process knowledge can be the difference between project success and failure. We have the required business and I.T. know-how and understand the typical challenges all business optimisation projects encounter.

    Independent of software vendors, we make recommendations based on what best meets our clients’ needs and we have strategic partnerships in place with the leading technology vendors to support this.

  • Enterprise Content Management

    Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions provide organisations with a platform to manage the complete lifecycle of content, regardless of where it originates. ECM gives you the ability to manage how information flows across your business and enables you to streamline diverse sources and environments with one single platform.

    Securely sharing growing volumes of information effectively is essential for any organisation. Using one platform to capture, manage, store, search and archive both structured and unstructured information offers a single method for managing essential business data.

    AuraQ specialise in providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions which allow you to manage information and data from multiple sources – including numerous forms, departments, legacy systems and policies. Our solutions, which integrate seamlessly with Business Process Management (BPM) technologies, deliver a single source of truth and facilitate Information Governance needs and compliance.

  • Application Platform as a Service

    Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) facilitates the development of innovative mobile and web applications to support the truly digital enterprise. It also provides a way of developing apps more quickly and cost-effectively than traditional methods.

    Whether it’s mobile, tablet or desktop, aPaaS solutions allow you to rapidly build, deploy and administer multi-channel enterprise applications without a costly or complex internal infrastructure. With engaging UI’s and the ability to build complex business rules, organisations can implement flexible functionality which can be re-used across the business.

    AuraQ provide experienced delivery consultants with the expertise to implement multi-device enterprise apps within a matter of days allowing clients to adapt to changing business markets almost instantaneously. Based on our extensive knowledge of managing business information, we bridge the gap between business and I.T with the adaptability to design and build apps as and when your business requires.

  • Business Rules Management Systems

    Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) allow organisations to execute decisions faster, with increased reliability and with minimal integration effort. Implementing a no-code rules engine and automating decision making can enforce compliance and dramatically improve performance.

    With many verticals becoming more heavily regulated, organisations are increasingly finding that they must be able to account and provide auditability for business decisions, some of which may be made several hundred times a day.

    All organisations can benefit from making decisions quicker and better. AuraQ partner with industry leading software providers to deliver scalable and robust rules engines which can help manage mission-critical applications and can be embedded through existing Business Process Management (BPM) systems.

    Taking automation to another level can provide many benefits and can result in exceptional operational performance and precision across the business.

  • Mobile Working

    Mobile solutions take automation to the next level. With more and more businesses taking on enterprise mobile adoption, organisations are increasingly recognising the value of enabling user’s access from any location.

    Offering solutions that allow users to be connected anywhere, anytime whilst providing seamless integration into both backend systems and processes is powerful for any business. It can provide a number of benefits including increased productivity, enhanced customer experience and greater return on investment.

    The mobile solutions AuraQ develop deliver optimal user experience on any device. Empowering your organisation to collaborate and become more agile, we implement solutions ONCE with the flexibility to use them everywhere.

Value Added services

AuraQ offer a number of value-added services which can be tailored to meet individual requirements. These services complement our technology expertise, aid in the delivery of a smooth implementation and maximise return on investment.

  • Business Analysis

    Ensuring that processes are optimised prior to implementing new technologies or enhancements is fundamental to project success. Identifying both immediate and long-term gains upfront provides insight into which business areas will benefit most from process improvement and automation.

    AuraQ provide requirements gathering and analysis skills to ensure that the processes and solutions you are implementing are effective and efficient. Utilising our knowledgeable resources means that you can benefit from years of experience and Best Practice and ensures that you deliver solutions fit for purpose, first time.

    Spending time and effort to define your business requirements before you start building your solutions or applications results in your project benefiting from the best possible start and maximises the value you deliver to your stakeholders.

  • Migration

    Investments in technology platforms are often substantial. Maintaining and safeguarding that investment by implementing the latest software releases or even, where necessary, migrating to a completely new platform entirely can bring significant advantages.

    Migration projects can help prepare for future business demands, reduce operating and maintenance costs and provide new features through next-generation software. AuraQ work closely with our clients to realise the added value of moving to the latest version of a chosen platform.

    The process of migrating to either new or upgraded software need not be costly and the returns can be significant. Having successfully delivered numerous upgrade projects we have found that the associated time and expenditure is often easily justified by the considerable ROI. Many of our clients also use migration as an opportunity to revisit the design of existing processes and we can add value by offering Best Practice advice and recommendations on how both new requirements and enhancements can be optimised, making your migration experience a positive step and not just an upgrade to the latest version of existing software.

  • Risk and Compliance

    More than ever, organisations are aware of the need to be able to demonstrate legal and regulatory compliance. Data volumes are increasing, the channels for conducting business are becoming more diverse and spending on compliance is regarded as a cost of business rather than an investment.

    For some, the challenges in implementing the required governance can seem daunting. AuraQ can help businesses develop and implement governance strategies because we understand the sources of compliance requirements (e.g. PCI DSS) together with the ways (e.g. ISO standards) and the means (technology) of delivering them. With a keen appreciation of how Information Governance (IG) helps drive organisational performance, we can also assist in building cases for justifying the necessary investments.

    By devising and implementing solutions to orchestrate disparate processes, AuraQ provide organisations with an integrated view of their interactions with customers. This makes it easier for them to control risks, evidence compliance and gain insights from customer data. Through focusing on the information that matters, our solutions also promote efficiency and ROI from IT.

  • Support

    It is vital that solutions and applications are appropriately supported both during and post implementation and investments in such support help assure the availability and continuity of core business processes. They can also provide a foundation for driving improvements to process and system performance.

    AuraQ offer tailored support agreements which provide reassurance that your business and core processes are supported in their day-to-day running. These arrangements provide access – via telephone, email and through our dedicated support desk interface – to some of the most knowledgeable and skilled BPM developers in the UK.

    Our support team is experienced in providing support for numerous solutions, developed both by us and by third parties. The support services we provide are tailored to the needs of each individual client, whether this is a traditional SLA support contract or a contract based around providing services to supplement in-house resource.

  • System Audits

    As processes evolve over time, systems and applications can become less effective as business demands change and new technologies become available. Audits provide assurance that your current processes and systems remain efficient.

    We work with clients to understand business requirements and make detailed recommendations based on your business priorities. Process and system audits identify performance issues which may compromise usability of your system and detail how current implementations can be improved to both maximise alignment with Best Practice and ensure compliance.

    AuraQ system and process audits include:

    • Validation of your BPM configuration and installations, ensuring alignment with Best Practice.
    • Detailed statistics on current throughput.
    • Projected throughput estimations based on growth to date and taking into account planned future growth.
    • Expert architectural advice detailing all deployment and configuration options available.
    • Investigation and troubleshooting of any specific issues experienced with existing system configuration.
    • Identification of any training requirements.
    • Documentation of all processes, libraries and dependencies.
    • Conformance checks against documented development standards.
    • Optimisation of process reuse.

    Based on the results of the audit, a detailed action plan is developed to address both real and apparent shortcomings that are affecting functionality.

  • Training

    Training comes in many shapes and forms and one size doesn’t fit all. AuraQ offer a range of training and mentoring options; whether it’s end user training, train the trainer or informal knowledge transfer, we can accommodate most client requirements.

    Our modern training suite, based at our head office in Malvern, Worcestershire, frequently hosts both internal and external courses both on behalf of clients and partners.

    These facilities are also available to partners and associates for hire.

Value Added Services